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Before the Treatment takes place please obtain permission from your vet.

At the first treatment we will need to gain a full history of the horse and any information relevant to the treatment, and then we will need to see the horse ridden or lunged and trotted up. Preferably we would like to see the tack as well (if not ridden)

Whilst being treated the horse can be inside or out and I am happy for them to pick at a hay net. During a treatment we carry out a few moves and then leave the horse quietly returning after a couple of minutes. The horse often will relax during a treatment often going to sleep.

After treatment we ask the owners not to work the horse for a couple of days, also not to have the horse shod after a treatment. We would encourage the horse to be turned out as much as possible and for the owners to monitor changes that may occur.

We find most horses have responded after 3 treatments 1 week apart then having top ups occasionally.

When treating competitive horses to keep them in Tip Top condition then we can discuss working their Bowen into their fitness schedule




A few of the conditions that respond well to Bowen:

Muscle Wastage and Uneven Development
Stiffness on one rein
Unevenness of Pace
Poor performing Lymphatic System
Saddle Slippage
Restricted Lateral movement
Wrong strike off to Canter
Preventing reinjury
"Cold Back"
"Girth Proud"
Maintaining Top performance, especially following competitions to allow body to rebalance, heal and speed recovery
Older Horses often benefit from the gentle nature of Bowen Technique


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