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Before we begin we have a confidential consultation to establish histories and injuries that may be relevant. We also will asses mobility and pain levels where appropriate.

We recommend wearing light clothing and not jeans etc. We prefer to perform the treatment on a couch but where not possible we will perform it in a chair.

The treatment is the series of moves with the short breaks between them. The whole treatment will normally last 45mins to 1 hour

Most issues will be dealt with in 3 to 4 treatments at weekly intervals and this will give lasting relief. Many people then choose to receive regular treatments to maintain their rebalanced state. due to the unique nature of Bowen we recommend that it is not mixed with other therapies.



The Bowen Technique aims to balance the whole person and not just address the symptoms. Problems that have been shown to respond well include:

Back and neck pain

Frozen shoulder
Headaches and migraines
Sports injuries
Bronchial complaints
Digestive issues
Pain management
Carpel tunnel
Knee, ankle and foot problems
Hamstring problems
Infant colic

The Bowen Technique can reduce physical, emotional and mental stress and can be used to help with stress management and health maintenance.


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